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The Bigger and Better 2018 Tiguan

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The old Volkswagen Tiguan is known for being a bit cramped and not all that capable in off-roading situations either. That’s very different from how the 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan 4Motion is. It’s a bigger and better version of the SUV that can handle adverse driving conditions capably If you’re looking for an improved version of the SUV that gives you more space and better handling characteristics, the 2018 Tiguan 4Motion could be just the vehicle for you.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Highly Capable Off Road Handling

The Tiguan 4Motion is clearly targeted toward drivers that like to travel on rougher roads, which is exactly why it comes with such a capable all-wheel drive setup. The all-wheel drive typically puts all the vehicle’s power to the front wheels, but can switch to full power at the rear and any mixture in between to create capable handling characteristics during slippery conditions.

While driving around, all you have to do to take full advantage of the stability systems on the SUV is switch settings over to off-road mode. Doing so gives you smoother acceleration, traction and stability controls that aren’t quite so sensitive, an improved locking ratio and an electronic differential lock and a more ready all-wheel drive system that can take on rougher situations. The change is significant from one drive mode to the other, and it’s immediate. As soon as you switch the dial you’ll feel safer and the vehicle will handle whatever conditions you throw at it a bit more effectively.

Designed for Comfortable Commuting More than Anything

Even though the Tiguan 4Motion is more than capable of heading out onto a dirt track and performing well, that’s not really what it’s key design focus was when it was put together. The vehicle is made for spacious comfortable seating more than anything else. That’s why Volkswagen added on over 10 inches of length to the vehicle, as well as 1.2 inches of width and 4.4 inches to the overall wheelbase. There’s ample room within with plush seats that are a real treat to sit on. The vehicle is also much more efficient than many off-roading vehicles, which is why it lacks some of the power that alternative options have. That just means that you can drive around town without burning through as much fuel, which is probably how most owners will use the Tiguan anyway.

The Tiguan 4-Motiion is an interesting in-betweener vehicle with three-row seating, capable handling characteristics and the interior features you would expect of a modern-day vehicle. It’s a serious upgrade from the old Tiguan and a fun vehicle to own for anyone that likes to get dirty from time to time.

Volkswagen Has Plans for another SUV after the Atlas

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Volkswagen is mixing up its strategy lately to be more family-friendly and what that ultimately means is producing larger vehicles that can accommodate more people and more luggage comfortably. That’s why the 7-seat Atlas went into production, but it’s not the only vehicle that’s slated for release. The Atlas is an exciting creation that gets Volkswagen into the large family game, but the automaker is also planning to release a mid-sized 5-seat SUV as well, and it’s going to be produced in the same exactly location as the Atlas.

volkswagen cross coupe concept

Based on the Cross Coupe GTE Concept

Back in 2015 Volkswagen showed off the Cross Coupe GTE concept at the Detroit Auto Show and it’s believed that the 5-seat SUV that Volkswagen is about to begin producing is based off that concept. That vehicle had a plug-in charge feature, and with VW trying to improve its lineup efficiency, there’s a good chance that there will be a plug-in option for the buyers that are interested in that sort of thing.

Built in Tennessee

The second SUV produced by Volkswagen is going to be built in the Chattanooga Tennessee plant alongside the Passat and the Atlas. This gives workers at the plant another reason to be confident in their job security, and it means that the vehicles will be readily available without shipping times once they’re produced. This is all good news for buyers that are interested in buying domestic vehicles. Each SUV produced by Volkswagen results in steady jobs for Americans.

The Details

There currently aren’t many details about the second VW SUV. It’s going to have five seats and will be quite a bit smaller than the Atlas. It’s going to be built on the MQB platform that so many VW vehicles are based on these days, and it’s likely to prioritize tech features, interior space and appearance to create the best driver experience overall.

Volkswagen is moving in a whole new direction for the brand, and that’s an exciting thing for buyers with an interest in SUVs. We’ll have to wait and see exactly what the next SUV is going to be like, but so far it looks like a pretty promising vehicle overall.

Volkswagen Unveils its 3-Row SUV Dubbed Atlas

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Volkswagen is known for its sedans and coupes, but the automaker has been selling SUVs for years as well. They just haven’t been offering anything as large enough to compete with the massive 3-row family vehicles offered by other automakers, at least not until now. Volkswagen recently unveiled the Atlas SUV, and it’s an impressive machine that will be on the wish list of many full-sized families looking for hauling space.


A Three Row Monster

Up until now Volkswagen has always sold vehicles that stopped at two rows. That’s all changing now though with the Atlas. This monster of a vehicle will sit up to 7 people comfortably, and Volkswagen is really proud of the easy access to the third row. Occupants have enough space to clamber back to the rear of the vehicle without discomfort.

Whether you need a kid hauler for daily activities throughout the week, or you want a spacious vehicle for camping and other special trips, the Atlas has the space to get it all done. The interior room is massive and there is space to store camping equipment, groceries and a full set of clothing and gear for a week or more away from home. Whatever it is that you want to do, you should be able to do it comfortably with the Atlas thanks to all the interior utility that it offers.

Power Options

The Volkswagen Atlas will come with two different power train options, either a four-cylinder turbocharged engine that puts out 238 HP, or a 3.6 liter V6 that offers 280 HP for a bit more kick. Either way it’s not going to be a speed demon, but the SUV should move down the street without feeling sluggish.

Both versions of the SUV come equipped with an eight speed transmission for smooth shifting and effective power management throughout the power range. The Atlas should be good at handling power through the range, though it’s unlikely that it will be very fuel efficient as a 7-seater.


Safety Equipment

All the Atlas models are going to come equipped with special safety equipment that should help drivers stay out of trouble. There’s going to be an advanced crash management system that doesn’t prevent crashes, but applies brake pressure when the vehicle first detects an accident, to help mitigate the damage overall. There will be other crash prevention systems in place as well, and the SUV is going to be designed with family safety in mind to keep everyone out of trouble while driving.

It’s hard to guess what price range the Atlas is going to come in at, but you can believe that it will be priced at a higher level than the smaller SUVs offered by Volkswagen currently. It isn’t expected to be released until later next year, but the SUV should be a nice option for larger families when it does finally come out.



Volkswagen Produces First Test Body for Full Sized SUV

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There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that American car buyers favor SUVs, especially the larger ones. That’s why it makes so much sense that Volkswagen plans on releasing a full-sized SUV of its own, the only thing the professionals have questioned up until now is why the automaker held out so long on doing so. Well now it seems that Volkswagen is really getting into the swing of things. The automaker recently released the very first metal test body for the new SUV.

Volkswagen Mid Size SUV Body

When and Where?

Down in Chattanooga Tennessee, Volkswagen’s only US plant, the very first sheet metal body of the 7-person Volkswagen SUV was released just days ago. Plenty of testing and research will be required before the body of the vehicle is perfected, but it’s good to see that Volkswagen is finally started on a journey that many people believe should have happened years ago.

Based on the CrossBlue Concept

The CrossBlue concept SUV was first shown off at the Shanghai auto show in 2013 to highly positive reviews. The mid-sized SUV has a long-front hood and a raked back top that give it a sleek and sporty look. This is the concept that the 7-seater Volkswagen is going to be based on. While it won’t look or function exactly the same, it’s fair to assume that much of the styling is going to be at least similar.

Engine Offerings

The SUV is expected to release with a variety of different engine offerings including V6 and four cylinder gasoline engines that are turbocharged for added power. This should give the SUV sufficient power to motor around the road comfortably, but there’s no guarantee on the actual engine options just yet.

Will it be a Plug-in Hybrid?

Everyone familiar with the CrossBlue concept will know that it was a plug-in hybrid vehicle with an estimated electric range of 14 miles and an efficiency of 89 MPGe while on full electric. Volkswagen expects to offer the production model of their 7-seat SUV with the plug-in hybrid option, but it won’t be the only option offered. To cater to the market best it will be one of several different options released at the same time.

With the project already firmly under way it’s only a matter of time until the 7-seater is released to the public completely. When that day comes there will be plenty of auto buyers lined up to give the full-sized SUV a test drive.

Volkswagen to Reveal Plugin Hybrid SUV

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Volkswagen hasn’t yet released the full details on it’s latest project, but the automaker has teased about a plug-in hybrid SUV that’s going to merge performance and efficiency into one nice package. There aren’t too many details surrounding the SUV yet, but it seems like it will offer enough driving range to be used for many city commuters, while offering futuristic and sporty characteristics that are sure to agree with modern-day car buyers.

volkswagen plugin hybrid suv

A Decent Driving Range

Being a hybrid itself drivers of the new Volkswagen SUV will be able to drive as far as they like using conventional fuel. With an approximate driving range of 31 miles on a single charge, it might be possible for drivers to commute to work and back without using any fuel at all in the process. This is especially true for owners that can gain access to a charging station somewhere around work to repeat the full-range drive once again while heading home. Most drivers can commute at least one way to work with such a range, and even cutting down on the fuel required throughout the week would mean real savings for drivers regularly going to work.

Exceptional Acceleration

While the hybrid SUV won’t be going head-to-head with dragsters anytime soon, it will speed up from 0 to 62 remarkably quick for a full-sized vehicle. Volkswagen estimates 0 to 62 times of just 6 seconds and a top speed of 139 miles per hour, speeds that aren’t often available in plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Modern Tech Touches

While not information about the technology packed into the SUV has yet been released, that hasn’t stopped the automaker teasing out its capabilities. Volkswagen states that it will come packed with a display system that gives the vehicle a whole new level of interactivity. One can only assume that the automaker means some sort of touchscreen, or holographic display in the vehicle with such boasts. The latest SUV offering from Volkswagen is likely to come with a very modern media system as well, and will likely come with other tech touches such as adaptive safety features that will help to attract as many modern buyers as possible.

We’ll have to wait until the full details have come through for this vehicle during the Beijing Auto Show, but it looks to be a very exciting release. We’ll know more about the full capabilities of Volkswagen’s new release in just a few days, and then the real speculation over price, release date and future technologies can really begin.

The Volkswagen 2017 Tiguan is More Capable than Ever Before

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The 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan isn’t for sale yet but there is already plenty of information out there about the latest version of one of Volkswagen’s most popular mid-sized SUVs. It’s a highly capable machine that’s designed to help make travelling and getting stuff done easier. You’ll appreciate the latest space improvements with the vehicle, as well as all the handling enhancements.

2017 volkswagen tiguan

It’s Bigger

First let’s take a moment to talk about how much larger the latest Tiguan is. Although Volkswagen isn’t giving out too many specific details, they have said that the newest Tiguan is considerably longer and wider than the outgoing model. That means that anyone that thought the last Tiguan was a bit cramped will be able to enjoy the latest model even more. It has added room for passenger comfort and improved space for additional cargo so that you can bring all your camping gear or groceries around with you with ease.

It can Take on the Elements

Whether you’re driving through snow, ice or you just have to travel down a few dirt roads to reach your destination, the Tiguan is a pretty capable machine thanks to its all-wheel drive system. The 2017 model comes with 4-Motion all-wheel drive. This system is designed to offer most of the drive power at the two front wheels during standard driving conditions. When things become a bit dicey power is directed to each of the four wheels to help balance things out and make sure the Tiguan handles smoothly even when traction isn’t available at each of the four wheels.

Switching up the Driving Modes

There are four different driving modes, Snow, Onroad, Offroad and Offroad Individual. Each of these is designed for a different driving purpose. After getting the Tiguan you’ll find yourself setting the driving mode based on the conditions that you’ll be facing. Switching to Snow right before heading out onto early morning roads in the winter will help you maintain your traction and take things a bit more cautiously. The handling and responsiveness of the Tiguan adjusts depending on the drive mode that’s selected, to help drivers operate the vehicle in the best way possible no matter what the conditions are.

Load and Unload with Ease

You don’t get an SUV without wanting to load and unload large items in the cargo area at least once and awhile. That’s why Tiguan owners will appreciate the larger and rear of the Tiguan. It’s now closer to the ground and the rear opening of the vehicle is considerably larger in size so that you can squeeze in even larger items easily. Not only that, but the rear seat slides forward up to seven inches, allowing you to squeeze a bit more rear space out of the 2017 Tiguan.

The latest Tiguan is a highly capable machine that’s designed for versatility and if you upgrade to it from the latest model you’ll realize that you can do more with it than you could previously, and that’s what owning an SUV is all about.