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The Bigger and Better 2018 Tiguan

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Well, the 2018 Tiguan is finally out and available and there are a lot of things to take in about the SUV. The first is that it’s probably no longer a compact SUV at all, and more of a mid-sized or full-sized model thanks to some dimension changes. Not only that, but it’s handling and performance is a bit different now. Read on to learn all about what the 2018 Tiguan has to offer in its bigger and more imposing size, and find out whether or not it’s a vehicle that you’ll want to take on.

2018 VW Tiguan

The Larger Tiguan

The 2018 Tiguan is significantly larger than its predecessor, and it needs to be because it’s cramming in another whole row. You can enjoy third-row seating in the vehicle and room for up to seven. The Tiguan has a wheelbase that’s grown by 7.3 inches, and an overall length increase of 10.6 inches. This creates the seating space necessary to fit in more passengers, and also takes the once compact Tiguan and pushes it up toward Toyota Highlander proportions. The upsize also adds weight to the Tiguan. There’s an increase in weight by about 373 lbs. which doesn’t help make the SUV feel any more speedy.

Excellent Transmission

Volkswagen was wise to equip the 2018 Tiguan with their highly refined eight-speed transmission. This little beauty works wonders on the Tiguan and helps take the somewhat underpowered four-cylinder turbo engine and makes it feel good at the low end. Thanks to short gearing on the lowest gears and careful power distribution, the Tiguan can travel from 0 to 60 in just 8.6 seconds. It does so comfortably and never feels real sluggish, though once you climb past 45 things begin to slow down a bit. Overall the transmission feels very smooth, there isn’t much slipping going on and driving is significantly more enjoyable in the Tiguan for this reason.

Refined At Speed

Though the Tiguan is a bit rough when going over significant bumps, it offers a refined and quiet ride at top speeds. If you frequently travel along freeways that will take you to 70 or 80 MPH, you’ll enjoy the quiet and smooth ride that this SUV has to offer. The turbo four engine will take a bit of time to get you up to those speeds though, so patience is a must.

Solid Poor Weather Performance

Drivers that plan on taking their Tiguan through off the road much, or through snowy driving conditions should consider adding on 4-Motion all-wheel drive. Once added to the vehicle, it handles poor driving conditions exceptionally well. It won’t lose traction much even when traveling through mud or gravel, and can handle snowy roads with confidence that will let you travel even when the weather would keep other drivers indoors. That’s a major benefit of the Tiguan when outfitted properly.

Comfortable and Capable Inside

While the Tiguan looks nice on the outside, and its performance is at least decent for its price range, the inside is a breathe of fresh air. It looks well put-together and almost luxurious with the careful details added in here and there. The SUV is outfitted with mostly plastics and some metals here and there to create a stylish interior, and it feels a bit hard on many surfaces, but it still looks very nice. The seats are comfortable, lumbar support is decent, though it wouldn’t stand up to luxury standards. The infotainment system is also very nice. It looks like a low-cost version of Audi’s virtual cockpit, and manages to give quick and easy access to most of the functions. Overall the interior of the 2018 Tiguan is solid and makes riding in the SUV enjoyable, even if the folks in row three are decidedly cramped.

The 2018 Tiguan comes with some nice improvements. It’s a bit more sluggish than its predecessor, but that’s because it’s larger and offers more seating capacity. It’s a tradeoff that many buyers will be happy to take. If you need added seating space, and you don’t mind sacrificing a bit of performance, the Tiguan is a solid SUV that’s actually pretty enjoyable to use.

The Volkswagen 2017 Tiguan is More Capable than Ever Before

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The 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan isn’t for sale yet but there is already plenty of information out there about the latest version of one of Volkswagen’s most popular mid-sized SUVs. It’s a highly capable machine that’s designed to help make travelling and getting stuff done easier. You’ll appreciate the latest space improvements with the vehicle, as well as all the handling enhancements.

2017 volkswagen tiguan

It’s Bigger

First let’s take a moment to talk about how much larger the latest Tiguan is. Although Volkswagen isn’t giving out too many specific details, they have said that the newest Tiguan is considerably longer and wider than the outgoing model. That means that anyone that thought the last Tiguan was a bit cramped will be able to enjoy the latest model even more. It has added room for passenger comfort and improved space for additional cargo so that you can bring all your camping gear or groceries around with you with ease.

It can Take on the Elements

Whether you’re driving through snow, ice or you just have to travel down a few dirt roads to reach your destination, the Tiguan is a pretty capable machine thanks to its all-wheel drive system. The 2017 model comes with 4-Motion all-wheel drive. This system is designed to offer most of the drive power at the two front wheels during standard driving conditions. When things become a bit dicey power is directed to each of the four wheels to help balance things out and make sure the Tiguan handles smoothly even when traction isn’t available at each of the four wheels.

Switching up the Driving Modes

There are four different driving modes, Snow, Onroad, Offroad and Offroad Individual. Each of these is designed for a different driving purpose. After getting the Tiguan you’ll find yourself setting the driving mode based on the conditions that you’ll be facing. Switching to Snow right before heading out onto early morning roads in the winter will help you maintain your traction and take things a bit more cautiously. The handling and responsiveness of the Tiguan adjusts depending on the drive mode that’s selected, to help drivers operate the vehicle in the best way possible no matter what the conditions are.

Load and Unload with Ease

You don’t get an SUV without wanting to load and unload large items in the cargo area at least once and awhile. That’s why Tiguan owners will appreciate the larger and rear of the Tiguan. It’s now closer to the ground and the rear opening of the vehicle is considerably larger in size so that you can squeeze in even larger items easily. Not only that, but the rear seat slides forward up to seven inches, allowing you to squeeze a bit more rear space out of the 2017 Tiguan.

The latest Tiguan is a highly capable machine that’s designed for versatility and if you upgrade to it from the latest model you’ll realize that you can do more with it than you could previously, and that’s what owning an SUV is all about.

The IIHS Recommends Five Different Volkswagen Vehicles for Teens

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The IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) recently put together a comprehensive list of the best vehicles for teen drivers to operate. Each of the vehicles on this list is used because 83% of parents purchase used vehicles for their teens. While choosing the vehicles the IIHS considered teen safety and try to come up with a balanced vehicle that provides plenty of protection while helping teens avoid the temptation to drive recklessly. More than five different Volkswagen vehicles showed up on that list. So fear not VW lovers, you should have no problem getting your child a good reliable Volkswagen to drive around.

volkswagen Jetta







The Vehicles

When compiling the list the IIHS put together two separate lists. A Best list offering the safest options at under $20,000 and a Good list at below $10,000. While the Good list is not going to offer as much protection as Best list cars, they will be leaps ahead of cars that didn’t make either list.

Best Options

  • VW Passat 2009 and newer
  • VW Jetta and Jetta Sportwagen 2009 and newer
  • VW Tiguan 09 and newer
  • VW Routan 2012

Good Options

  • Volkswagen Passat 2006 to 2009
  • Volkswagen Routan 2009 to 2011

Why they Made the List

The IIHS looked at a bunch of different factors in order to determine which vehicles were eligible to make the list. One of the first and most important of these factors is the size of the vehicle. Larger vehicles handle impacts better than small ones do, and this is why no mini or compact cars were on the list. They also avoided recommending any vehicles with high levels of horsepower that could encourage teens to speed more. ESC systems are built into each of the vehicles and safety ratings were looked at closely before making the final decision.

Choosing a Modern Vehicle

Many parents decide to get their children older vehicles because they know that teens drive recklessly and are more likely to damage the vehicle. Unfortunately this is backwards thinking as far as safety is concerned because the new vehicles have the best safety features. All of the VW vehicles listed in the Best choices section were 2009 models and newer because they come equipped with side airbags as well as advanced traction control systems that make staying on the road an easier task. Parents can also get away with getting their children a Passat that’s as old as 2006, but will be sacrificing a few safety features that the newer cars are equipped with.

By following this list you should be able to get your teen driver a good solid vehicle that will help them stay out of trouble and provide them with a safe haven if they do get into a fender bender. Just be sure that you consider how safe a vehicle is before putting your teen in it for the first time. Thanks to the IIHS used car list you should be able to find a vehicle for your child no matter what your price range is.

Get A Personal Walkthrough Of The 2011 Volkswagen CC And Tiguan

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It’s no secret that Volkswagen is on a roll with fantastic lineup of cars, CUV’s and SUV’s. What you may not know is that Volkswagen is once again focused on being “The People’s Car” by offering tremendous value in it’s line up.

We have two videos for you to take a look at, our Fleet Manager Sean “Hutch” Hutchinson walks you through the 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan and the 2011 Volkswagen CC. After watching these videos, you will be shocked at what a great value for the money these VW’s are.

We have some tremendous lease and purchase incentives going on right now for the Tiguan and the CC along with many other great Volkswagen models. It’s time for you to come into Pacific Volkswagen and find out what Das Auto is all about.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXlu_WOrG5A?hd=1&w=560&h=349]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVcpcOG8bO8?hd=1&w=560&h=349]