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The New and Improved 2015 Volkswagen Golf

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The 2015 Volkswagen Golf has a bunch of nice improvements that make it more desirable than ever for a buyer looking for a compact vehicle. The new Golf looks very similar on the outside, but once you climb inside and start driving it around it’s easy to see some of those improvements coming into play.

2015 volkswagen golf

It’s Faster

After taking a long look at the 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI there’s no denying that it’s a faster vehicle than its predecessors and it’s faster for two different reasons. The first reason is that it’s simply more powerful than before with an engine that offers 210 HP and 258 lb.-ft. of torque. The vehicle’s also lighter, making that power boost more noticeable. It’s a full 82 lbs. lighter than the previous model, and it can travel from 0 to 60 in less than six seconds, which is pretty impressive for a compact car that’s not designed as a performance vehicle.

You’ll Hear it as You Drive

One downside with the latest Golf is that there’s quite a bit of road noise coming through. When you get up to top speeds you’ll hear the wind blazing past the car, and you’ll also hear the road beneath you and the engine. While it has several styling cues that look like they came straight out of an Audi, the vehicle doesn’t have the same level of sound proofing that you would expect from one of the luxury vehicles.

More Room to Sit and Haul

It’s no secret that the Volkswagen Golf isn’t a big vehicle, but with recent modifications there is room enough for two adults to sit in the back of the vehicle quite comfortable. The leg space is nearly the same as a Honda Civic sedan, and that’s pretty respectable for such a compact vehicle. There’s also more than enough space for storage at the rear of the vehicle. The trunk is larger than on previous models for slipping items inside more comfortably, and within that storage space there is a total of 22.8 cubic feet of storage. That’s enough room for several bags to travel around comfortably, or a full cart of groceries. No matter what you use the Golf for, there is going to be space to carry around reasonable loads.

Good Driving Ranges for Trips

When taking trips with the gasoline version of the Volkswagen Golf you’ll have around 400 miles of driving range available to you. Each fill up will give you an average of 400 miles that you can travel before running out of fuel. On a family trip that spans highways more than city driving conditions that range might go up as high as 480 miles before fuel has to be added to the vehicle.

Sure the Golf isn’t the right vehicle for everyone, but buyers who want something small, relatively quick and very efficient should at least take a look. With so many different variations to choose from, this compact vehicle has a lot to offer to a range of buyers.

Volkswagen Travels more than 8000 Miles for Less than 300 Dollars

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It never ceases to amaze us how far some of these little diesel vehicles can travel. Volkswagen just set a new record with the Golf TDI by travelling a whopping 8,233.5 miles on less than 300 dollars in diesel fuel. If that’s not an impressive return on investment I don’t know what is. During the course of the trip the vehicle managed to travel through each of the 48 lower states and traveled for a total of 16 days.


Setting the Record

Volkswagen managed to beat its own record while trying to do the same thing the company already did. Over this trip they managed to get 81.7 MPG, beating the old record of 77.99 MPG. It’s important to note that this trip beats the hybrid vehicle record by more than 6 MPG, which is pretty impressive since hybrids are supposed to be highly efficient drivers.

Driving Skills Preparation in California

You can’t just start driving and expect to meet the level of fuel efficiency that Bob Winger and Wayne Gerdes managed during their world-record trip. In order to hit the records that they did, the team had to spend hundreds of hours training in different driving conditions. They weren’t verifying the chosen route using these test trips, but rather honing efficient driving skills that would provide the fuel figures the team was striving for.

In a recount of the prep leading up the big trip Gerdes is on record saying that he relied on the Tejon Pass, the Cajon Pass, the San Gorgoino Pass and the Laguna mountains to figure out how to drive efficiently through steep elevation climbs and descents. It took countless trial runs through these mountain passes to hone steep incline driving skills enough to keep efficiency levels up where they needed them to be.

In order to learn how to deal with the highly congested sections of I-95 the trio would encounter through the northeastern portions of the trip, they headed over to 405 and 5 between LAX and San Diego. These notoriously congested sections served as a training ground to master efficient driving even when roads are packed and driving conditions are more restricted and start and stop traffic is common.

California is a state filled with unique features and even though the state was only a small portion of the overall record-setting trip, it served as the key training ground that made it possible for the trip to be successful in the first place.

The Trip

The trip started at the American Headquarters in Herndon Virginia on Monday the 22nd of June. After 16 days of straight driving the vehicle ended up in the same exact spot on July 7th. The main driver doing the run was Wayne Gerdes, but he had help from Bob Winger the co-driver along on the trip.

About the Vehicle

In order to accomplish this very impressive feat the 2015 Golf TDI relies on a turbo-charged engine that uses direct-injection technology and runs on diesel fuel. It has a 6-speed manual transmission that’s quite efficient. This particular vehicle was fitted with Linear Logic ScanGuage II to take a precise measure of the fuel economy throughout the trip. It also relied on an LG G4 smartphone and a Garmin Nuvi LM GPS navigator to get the vehicle where it needed to go all along.

This record shows you how far you can push a couple tanks of diesel if you know what you’re doing and if you have the proper equipment. The Golf TDI is meant to drive far without burning through much fuel, but I doubt anyone expected it to travel quite as far as it did in real-world driving conditions, or as efficiently.

Diesel vehicles are well-known for being fuel efficient and that’s why truck drivers rely on them to get freight around the country. It’s a benefit that recent vehicle buyers are beginning to notice, and could cause more shoppers to start choosing diesel when making their purchases.

The Powerful VW Golf TDI Can Be Enhanced Even Further with Specialized Aftermarket Parts

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The VW Golf isn’t always thought of as a sporty vehicle but the TDI version adds in a lot more horsepower and enhancements that make it more exciting to take around the track. If the powerful enhancements that the TDI version bring to the vehicle still aren’t enough for you, you can achieve even more raw power by adding additional kits from manufacturers such as Oettinger. These companies rely on skilled engineers to create kits that function smoothly with the vehicle and enhance its qualities even further.

The standard Golf is already enhanced if you decide to go with the GTI model, but the Oettinger versions take it a step further by offering more sport body enhancements as well as much more powerful engine options.

oettinger vw golf gti

The Golf TDI

The VW Golf TDI is a powerful version of the compact that looks great and likes to go very fast. It’s designed to be light on its feet, and to keep your pulse racing no matter where you’re going.

Impressive Body Enhancements

When you look at the Oettinger version of the Golf its clear that this vehicle was designed to go fast. The kit developed by Oettinger engineers comes with a variety of different body enhancements that make it look more streamlined, and quite frankly, more like a race car. It’s equipped with an aerodynamic package as well as a front spoiler, side skirts, and a diffuser giving it a very aerodynamic look and a respectable amount of down force while skidding around the track. To finish off the look of this car black sport rims have been paired with bright red cherry calipers giving this vehicle a very mean look. These enhancements make the car easier to take around corners at high speeds, and that’s exactly what every lead foot likes to hear.

Three Enhanced Engine Options

Compared to the standard GTI these enhancement kits can raise the horsepower by a noticeable amount. The kits come with three very powerful engine enhancements. If the 210 HP of the original wasn’t enough for fans they can get a 290 HP engine, a 320 HP engine and it tops out with a whopping 360 HP engine for the true speed demons out there. The engineers over at Oettinger have officially finished working on making these engine enhancements work with the vehicle and have put these options up for sale.

Any racing fans who want to own a more powerful vehicle than the standard Golf should take a long hard look at the VW Golf TDI. This special car is built to go fast and looks great on the road. To take this vehicle a step further you can pick up a kit from Oettinger and give the vehicle a more personalized look while boosting its horsepower even further.

Both the Golf and the Golf GTI Earned the 2014 IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus

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If you’re looking for a safe mid-size sedan to drive around both the Golf and the Golf TDI come highly recommended by the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) according to their 2014 tests. Both vehicles earned the Top Safety Pick+ distinction from the institute, the highest possible rating that it gives out. According to Mark McNabb, the chief operating officer at VW America, the recognition that both models got makes a great statement about the brand, and it’s hard not to agree with this sentiment.


vw golf gti














Safety Tech

In order to score so well on the IIHS tests both the Golf and the Golf GTI are equipped with a variety of mechanical and electrical safety equipment. The frame was also redesigned to improve the overall strength of the vehicle.

The Auto Post-Collision Braking system immediately presses down on the brakes when the airbag sensor triggers during an impact. This cuts down on additional damage. Each model also comes with six standard airbags and an ESC or electronic stability control system for improved traction and performance.

If you opt for the SE or SEL models then you can also add on the driver assistance package. This gives you a forward collision warning as well as front and rear park distance control systems.

Additional Benefits of these Cars

On top of being very safe cars, they also happen to be quite spacious. They provide comfortable seating for up to five individuals as well as more cargo room than any mid-sized sedan. This means everyone can ride comfortably and you won’t have to worry about where to put all your luggage any longer.

Changes to Golf and Golf GTI

Both the new Golf and the Golf GTI have been updated significantly for 2014. They are now more powerful while being more efficient. They also come with new standard technology, improving their value significantly.

Qualifying for a Top Safety Pick+

In order for any vehicle to be recognized as an IIHS Top Safety Pick+ it has to earn a “good” rating in the roof strength, head restraint, moderate overlap front, and overlap side. The vehicle also has to get at least an “acceptable” in the small overlap front test, and at least a “basic” in the front crash prevention test. All of these various tests really try out the durability of a vehicle.

When you’re shopping for family vehicles safety is always a top priority. Both the 2014 VW Golf or VW Golf GTI are excellent options for family travelling. They aren’t the cheapest sedans on the market, but the added cost is what allows their improved design, technology and safety.