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Volkswagen to Debut Electric e-Golf at LA Auto Show

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Volkswagen e-Golf LA Auto Show, electric, VW

Volkswagen continues to prove its commitment to green technology with the unveiling of the e-Golf at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show. With a full array of diesel vehicles and the recent introduction of the gas-electric Jetta Hybrid, the e-Golf moves Volkswagen into the realm of all-electric vehicles.

Boasting a range of between 70 and 90 miles, the e-Golf is able to manipulate its electric motor’s power delivery to give drivers the option of more horsepower or greater range.

Three different driving modes are available: Normal, Eco, and Eco+. In Normal mode the e-Golf makes a full 115-horsepower and 199 lb-ft of torque, or enough power to take the e-Golf from 0-60 mph in a reasonable 10.4 seconds.

Stepping up to Eco mode improves the vehicles range, but also pulls back some of the e-Golf’s modest power. With 94-horsepower and 162 lb-ft of torque available in Eco mode, the e-Golf scoots from 0-60 in 13.1 seconds.

For owners who really want to get the most range from their e-Golf, there’s Eco+ mode. With power pared down to 74-horsepower and 129 lb-ft of torque, and the A/C shut off, Eco+ mode is ideal for city use.

In the event a Volkswagen e-Golf owner does find his or her car out of electricity, Volkswagen is offering an exclusive roadside assistance plan that will take an owner and his or her e-Golf to a charging station at no cost, provided that the owner is within 100 miles of his or her home.

Furthermore, if an owner does not want to wait with his or her e-Golf as it charges, Volkswagen will cover the cost of a cab ride home; though, such an event will likely be rare as the e-Golf’s battery can be recharged to 80-percent of its capacity in approximately 30 minutes when using a DC Fast Charging system.

Volkswagen designed the e-Golf to help owners cope with potential range anxiety. A range monitor provides the driver with general information, such as the impact auxiliary systems like the A/C will have on the e-Golf’s range. And regenerative braking will be offered in three different levels in order to allow e-Golf driver’s to recapture the most kinetic energy back if they so desire.

Unlike many modern electric vehicles, the e-Golf is unique in that its architecture was designed from the start to use electric propulsion. As such, the battery and electric motor don’t intrude into the passenger compartment.

Sporting the familiar styling of the all-new Golf, the e-Golf wears a unique fascia with “C-shaped” LED daytime running lamps that will become a signature cue of all electric Volkswagen’s. Volkswagen also added LED headlamps that use less energy than halogen or xenon units.

The e-Golf marks the beginning of a new electric age at Volkswagen and we at LAcarGUY News look forward to seeing the next steps the company takes on the road to electrification. LAcarGUY News will be at the Los Angeles Auto Show posting the latest news and images from the show on our Facebook pages. Be sure to “Like” Pacific Volkswagen and Volkswagen Santa Monica on Facebook to get the latest information from the show floor.

10 Millionth Volkswagen Rolls off Mexico Manufacturing Line

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On August 13th 2013, Volkswagen celebrated the production of 10 million cars at the Volkswagen de Mexico manufacturing facility in Puebla, Mexico. The 10 millionth car was a Volkswagen Beetle GSR®, limited edition, which goes on sale in the U.S. this month.


“This is an important milestone and symbol of Volkswagen’s long-term commitment to the North American market,” said Jonathan Browning, President of Volkswagen of America, Inc. “It’s only fitting that the milestone car is a Beetle in light of this being the 75th anniversary of the car. Puebla has been manufacturing quality Beetles and other Volkswagens for the United States for nearly 50 years, and continues to play a key role in our growth strategy.”

Volkswagen Puebla is the largest automobile manufacturing plant in North America and the second largest Volkswagen manufacturing plant in the world. The company has investments of more than $5 billion planned in the U.S. and Mexico in the next three years to lay the foundation for further growth in the North American market.

The original Beetle—which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year—was first produced at the Puebla facility in 1967. Since then, over 3 million Beetles have been produced, and the plant also manufactures the Beetle Convertible, Jetta and Jetta SportWagen for the U.S. market. In early 2014, the plant will begin production of the next-generation Golf for the North and South American markets.

2013 VW Jetta Hybrid Modified to Become World's Fastest Hybrid

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Motor Trend and EFI West partner to transform the 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid to create the world’s fastest production hybrid vehicle. The guys debut the car at the legendary Bonneville Speed Week hoping to set a landspeed record.

Watch as the team takes the car apart to put in place the necessary safety equipment and perform the modifications needed to achieve the speed required.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VL3yLf6CF2E]

Timelapse of Pacific VW's custom PINK Beetle

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To show our support for breast cancer awareness and research, we custom wrapped a brand new 2012 Beetle in pink! When this pink beauty is sold, we will donate $500 to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer began in 1993 and has raised over $450 million to help fight against breast cancer. For the last two years, LAcarGUY has been a close partner with Making Strides and we look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.

The pink custom wrap was completed by Premier Wraps. They used the highest quality 3m vinyl that does not damage the vehicles original paint and every wrap comes with a life-time installation warranty. For more details, please give us a call!

Volkswagen E-Bugster Plug-in Brings Impressive Charging and Battery Advancements

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By Laurent J. Masson

To some onlookers, the Volkswagen E-Bugster concept unveiled at the North American International Auto Show was a disappointment. As we say in French, this E-Bugster is déjà vu. We’ve seen it before. Really. Seven years ago, exactly at the same place, Volkswagen unveiled the Ragster concept, which looked pretty much the same. After so much time, you might assume this E-Bugster is a production model, but it isn’t. It’s another concept.

So how is the E-Bugster any different from the dozens of other never-to-be-made concepts you see at motor shows? First of all, it is a functioning automobile. In addition, it has something you don’t find in one-off prototypes—use of a standardized drivetrain, which actually pretty big deal.

Sharing Is Caring

The Volkswagen group sold a record 8.16 million vehicles to its customers in 2011. Record profits are on the way, thanks in no small part to the use of shared platforms and engines. It’s less common in America, but in Europe, the Skoda and Seat brands sell cars with a Czech or a Spanish flavor (respectively), that are 100 percent Volkswagen cars underneath.

How does this relate to EVs? Barely two months ago, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Audi unveiled an electric A3 e-tron concept. It had the same motor found in this E-Bugster—which is also the one we saw the year before, when Volkswagen introduced an electric Golf called Blue-e-Motion. Eighty of them are currently undergoing a test in Berlin, and preliminary results have reportedly been very positive.

Without much fanfare, Volkswagen has been hard at work on electric mobility, making it better in every aspect, and they’re already getting results. Power from the motor is 85 kW (115 hp), the same as it was the Golf Blue-e-Motion, but the motor has been made lighter. Its weight is down to 80 kg (176 lbs).
The battery pack has more capacity. It was 26.5 kWh in the Golf, and now that’s up to 28.3 kWh. Volkswagen says that it enables a range of at least 110 miles. It’s unknown what cells Volkswagen is using—it tested cells from numerous manufacturers—but it’s unlikely that they will be small cells like Tesla uses.

Charging Ahead

The E-Bugster also shows a huge improvement on the charging side. Thanks to a new Combined Charging Systems (CCS), which was developed in cooperation with all the other German carmakers, as well as Ford and GM, the car can be charged via a unique interface, with different currents.

The E-Bugster uses the same plug connector to charge from a standard American 110-Volt wall outlet, and up to an ultra-fast 50 kW DC current at electric charge stations. That’s way beyond the simple standardization of the plug connector. Volkswagen’s plan is to outdo the other car manufacturers that have designed their cars with several charging systems. The idea here is to have one smart charge controller, and a versatile unique electrical architecture to make the most of the current available, wherever the driver plugs in.

At best, the 28.3 kWh battery in this E-Bugster can be charged in 35 minutes. Volkswagen will invest what it takes to make this impressive feat a reality in all of its electric vehicles. Electric cars using the Blue-e-Motion electric powertrain will go into production in cars like the Golf as soon as next year, with others likely to follow.

Local Community Heroes Receive Their 2012 Beetle's From Oprah Winfrey Show

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LAcarGUY’s two Volkswagen stores, Pacific Volkswagen and Volkswagen Santa Monica, handed over the keys of the newly redesigned 2012 Beetle to three local Oprah Winfrey fans, as part of the show’s “Ultimate Favorite Things” giveaway!

These three lucky fans were given the surprise of their lives during a November 2010, Oprah “Ultimate Favorite Things” episode, when audience members, all specially selected community heroes, found out that they would be receiving a brand new 2012 Beetle.

Excited to participate in such a deserving promotion, LAcarGUY’s Volkswagen Santa Monica was proud to give Gina Elise, the “calendar angel,” her new, Silver 2012 Beetle. Gina is the founder of PinUpForVets.com, a project that supports hospitalized Veterans and deployed troops.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4YHYTN8OSw?rel=0&hd=1&w=560&h=315]

The other local recipients were a couple, Evelyn and Rob Calip, who picked up their Red and Blue 2012 Beetles at Pacific Volkswagen earlier today. Evelyn is a breast cancer survivor who started a non-profit, Evelyn’s Breast Friends Forever! to provide support to other women going through the same journey.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJlDrdl3QQ4?rel=0&hd=1&w=560&h=315]

Redesigned for only the second time in history, the sportier 2.5L 2012 Beetle is a modern interpretation of the iconic Beetle design. Balancing classic beauty with a contemporary edge and enhanced performance, the 2012 Beetle provides an exhilarating driving experience.

“LAcarGUY is thrilled to offer Los Angeles the 2012 Beetle, reborn and reengineered for the 21st century,” said Mike Sullivan, Owner of LAcarGUY. “I’m especially pleased that we are giving these Beetles away to such a deserving group of local heroes.”

Oprah Community Heroes pick up their 2012 Beetles from LAcarGUY

Oprah Community Heroes pick up their 2012 Beetles from LAcarGUY

Oprah Community Heroes pick up their 2012 Beetles from LAcarGUY

Oprah Community Heroes pick up their 2012 Beetles from LAcarGUY

Oprah Community Heroes pick up their 2012 Beetles from LAcarGUY

Oprah Community Heroes pick up their 2012 Beetles from LAcarGUY

LAcarGUY Takes Part In 6th AltCar Show And Showcases The Best In Technology

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LAcarGUY was well represented at the 6th Alt Car Show, which took place at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on September 30 and October 1, with vehicles from 4 of our dealerships. Inside the display area the new FISKER KARMA was featured and ended up being the hit of the show. Toyota Santa Monica did have the Prius V available for test drives during the well-attended weekend. Also available for test drives were the new CT 200h and the HS250h from Lexus Santa Monica as well as the new redesigned 2012 Passat TDI and the VW Golf TDI from Volkswagen Santa Monica. There was never a lull for test drives throughout the entire two days. Toyota future vehicles were also on display, with the 2012 RAV EV and Prius PHV receiving plenty of attention!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeQPixQsVxQ?rel=0&hd=1&w=560&h=315]


Pacific Volkswagen Passat Test Drive Event October 14-16

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You’ve heard about the all new Made In America Volkswagen Passat, now it’s time for you to find out just how good this car is! Pacific Volkswagen is having a test drive event this weekend, October 14-16 at our store at 14900 Hindry Ave in Hawthorne.

We will have all trim lines of the 2012 Passat available for you to look at, sit in and test drive. We will also have VW Specialists on hand to answer all the questions you may have. Test drive one of the new Passats during the weekend and you will receive a $25 gas card!

If you come on Friday, lunch is on us!!! We will have the World Famous Grilled Cheese Truck here from 12-2pm providing all their great eats!

Also during this event we have special pricing for 2012 Passat leases, that make getting into a new Passat easy for everyone. Come on down to Pacific Volkswagen and see just out impressive the new Passat is.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4QBTwJwhuw?rel=0&hd=1&w=560&h=315]

2012 Passat Test Drive Event This Saturday At Volkswagen Santa Monica

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Lease a 2012 Passat S for $219** mo./36 mos. $1,999 due at signing (excluding titles, options, and dealer charges)
Offer good through 10/31/2011.

Free food and refreshments from the Kogi BBQ truck from 12-2pm.
The test drive event is from 10-3pm.

As a valued customer, we know you appreciate all things Volkswagen. Did you know that the all-new Passat has the most premium features standard in its class?† When you consider the price, the sleek new look, and the choice of engines – including the TDI® Clean Diesel that gets up to 43 miles per gallon†† – that turns into a pretty stellar deal. So what are you waiting for? Visit Volkswagen Santa Monica and test-drive the all-new Passat today.

Premium Features Standard:
Dual-zone automatic climate control
Automatic headlights
Intelligent Crash Response System
Multi-function steering wheel
One-touch control for all four windows

60/40-split folding rear seats
Automatic vehicle illumination
Bluetooth® technology
3-year/36,000-mile Carefree Maintenance‡

Volkswagen Santa Monica
2440 Santa Monica Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90404
phone: (888) 394-4903
web: www.volkswagensantamonica.com

*Base MSRP of $19995 for 2012 Passat S with manual transmission. Prices exclude transportation, taxes, options, title, and dealer charges. Dealer sets actual price. **Based on MSRP of $23,460.00 (including destination charges) for a 2012 Passat 2.5L S with Appearance Package with automatic transmission, excluding title, tax, options and dealer fees. Excludes TDI models. Monthly payments total $7,884.00. Requires dealer contribution of $1,419.00, which could affect final negotiated transaction. Purchase option at lease end for $13,722.20. At lease end lessees responsible for $0.25/mile over 36,000 miles and excessive wear and tear. Dealer sets actual prices. Lessee responsible for insurance. Closed-end lease offered on approved credit by Volkswagen Credit through participating dealers. Supplies limited. U.S. cars only. Additional charges may apply at lease end. Initial vehicle availability may vary by dealer and location. See your Volkswagen dealer for financing details or for general product information call 1-800-Drive-VW. ©2011 Volkswagen of America, Inc. †Based on manufacturers’ published specifications comparing 2012 Passat S to 2011 non-premium midsize sedans. ††EPA estimate for 2012 Passat TDI Clean Diesel with manual transmission. Your mileage will vary. ‡3 yrs/36,000 miles of no-charge scheduled Carefree Maintenance, whichever comes first during term of new vehicle limited warranty. Some restrictions. See dealer or program for details. ©2011 Volkswagen of America, Inc.

LAcarGUY's Volkswagen Santa Monica Sponsors The 2010 McKinley International Festival

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Volkswagen Santa Monica is a very proud sponsor of this Friday’s McKinley International Festival, a unique celebration to raise funds for the McKinley Elementary School. There will be International foods, games, music, prizes and a Parade of Nations as well as McKinley’s students, all with free admission!

McKinley Elementary School’s PTA is the driving force behind this special event, along with involvement from Volkswagen Santa Monica, Trader Joe’s, Pod, Motion Theory, Smart & Final, Vons and more that, focusing on supporting the local school. Entertainment on the Volkswagen Santa Monica stage will be provided by Mayaztek with an eclectic reggae/Latin fusion style.

The McKinley PTA, in collaboration with ELAC, organizes family/school events and activities for the benefit of the students. Their goal is to support student leadrning through family engagement. They need every McKinley family to participate!  McKinley PTA raises funds to provide our school with essential services, including music, art, science, field trips and other important educational opportunities.

The Sullivan LAcarGUY.com family continues its strong community forces through donating and volunteering for organizations. Mike was recently honored by the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Organization of Santa Monica as its “Man of the Year.” To learn more about LAcarGUY.com’s commitment to its people and the community, check out In the Community on the LAcarGUY.com website.