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An Audi A6 TDI Travels More than 1000 Miles on a Single Tank

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An Audi A6 2.0 TDI Ultra Diesel was used to set a world record recently by travelling through 14 different countries in Europe and covering a distance of 1,159.9 miles all on a single tank of fuel. This feat was made possible by a good blend of careful driving mechanics, a top quality vehicle and a very committed duo of drivers.

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The Drivers

The two drivers that completed this mission were Rebecca Jackson, a TV presenter and racing driver, and Andrew Frankel an automotive journalist. Together this team travelled for 28 hours without stopping to rest. They traveled throughout this entire trip very carefully being sure to maintain hypermiling strategies throughout.

While driving they tried to keep the vehicle around 50 miles per hour as often as possible. This is the sweet spot for the car and trying to keep it at this constant speed level helps it achieve higher than expect fuel economy figures. By doing this the team was able to achieve a combined fuel economy figure of 63 MPG, that’s impressive for a vehicle rated at 55.8 MPG in US mileage. The event was all captured on social media and through videos and proved that the feat could be achieved.

Planning the Trip

In order to make this long-distance trip possible a route was mapped out to help the duo avoid most of the congested traffic and mountain roads that would make it nearly impossible to maintain the steady speeds needed for high fuel efficiency operation. After the trip was all planned out they filled up the tank and set off to set a new record. The car has just a 19.8 gallon tank and on less than 20 gallons of diesel the car traveled more than 1,100 miles which is pretty spectacular if you think about it.

Performance Not that Far from Expected Levels

Even though this performance was quite a bit higher than the mileage rating the car’s been given, it’s not that high to appear unattainable. With a vehicle that manages 55.8 MPG under standard driving conditions you could experience trips like the one posted about online under regular circumstances. That means with an A6 2.0 TDI you could save money while travelling regularly thanks to fuel savings. Unfortunately the vehicle is not available in the United States, and you would have to resort to a less fuel-efficient alternative, the A3 TDI. This smaller and lighter vehicle only manages around 43 MPG combined. That’s a noticeable drop from the newer A6 TDI.

Hopefully with the next upgrade to the A3 Audi is able to bring some of that technology to the vehicle and boost its fuel efficiency ratings further.

Fisker Sets Two Electric-Vehicle World Records

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Fisker Nederland, Fisker Automotive’s most successful European retailer with more than 130 Karmas sold since January 2012, organized a very special event on Sunday, September 2 at the Floriade Horticultural World Expo in Venlo, Netherlands, where 60 240-volt charge points were temporarily installed for the occasion. The Floraide Horticultural World Expo stands for innovation and the sustainable relationship between man and nature, educating the public how to return to nature and how to learn from it.

At the event, Fisker Automotive was a part of two new world records for electric vehicles. Fisker is now first to hold the world record for Highest Number of Single-Brand Electric Vehicles to be Charged Simultaneously, with 45 owners of its Karma Electric Vehicle with extended range (EVerTM) having their cars charged at the same time. Those 45 owners also helped break the world record for Highest Number of Mixed-Brand Electric Vehicles to be Charged Simultaneously. That record now stands at 50 where the previous record was 43, set in May of this year. Both records were confirmed by Stichting E-Laad, the Dutch foundation for the promotion of electric driving.

The successful attempt was part of the first „Good Karma Day‟ for Dutch Fisker Karma owners, which was part charity event — for every Karma sold by Fisker Nederland a donation was made to the Eugène Janssen Foundation to support African children living in dire circumstances – and part social gathering.

”We are excited that as an American car company we have had so many European Karma owners make this world-record attempt a success,” said Bernhard Koehler, Fisker Automotive co-founder. ”They have helped make history and show that electric vehicles with extended range are the future.”

The gathering of so many Fisker Karmas was a sight to see. Watch the following video for a feel of the event:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3omCvkj7z8]