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Subaru’s Commitment to Green Technology

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Subaru has put a lot of time and effort into making their company one of the greenest automotive manufacturers out there today. If you’re interested in getting a vehicle that isn’t as hard on the environment, one of the many PZEV vehicles from Subaru would make an excellent option.

PZEV Vehicle

Today only vehicles that meet the most stringent emission standards can be labeled PZEV or part zero emission vehicles, and Subaru makes several different models that meet this standard. Each of these vehicles are designed carefully to burn nearly all of the gasoline that they use, making them the cleanest gasoline powered vehicles in the states. Thanks to the careful engineering of these vehicles, they give off less harmful emissions into the air.

These vehicles come equipped with a 15-year or 150,000 mile warranty covering the emissions system and any possible defects of the system.

Cleaner Exhaust

In urban areas the exhaust out of a PZEV vehicle may actually be cleaner than the air you’re breathing. That’s because fuel is burnt so completely. On top of having an efficient engine these vehicles also rely on a more effective catalytic converter to convert a higher percentage of harmful gases before they are released from the muffler of the vehicle

No Landfills

On top of following these stringent emission guidelines, Subaru has also created their factory and headquarters into the most efficient automotive facility in the United States. Both the headquarters and the Subaru factory are zero landfill facilities, which means any waste produced during vehicle production is either reused for a different purpose or sent to be recycled. Subaru was the first automaker to start operating a zero landfill factory leading the way for other automakers in the industry.

If you want to get a new vehicle that’s more environmentally friendly keep Subaru in mind. Their commitment to green technology is inspiring and hopefully a trend that other automakers will follow in the future.

LAcarGUY Sponsors Grades Of Green Trash Free Lunch Challenge

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Created by environmental education non-profit Grades of Green and sponsored by the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County, as well as Santa Monica-based LAcarGUY, the third annual Trash-Free Lunch Challenge, an L.A. County contest that rewards schools for reducing lunchtime trash, has doubled in scope since its inception two years ago.


LAcarGUY is thrilled to sponsor Grades of Green and the Trash-Free Lunch Challenge. There’s no better way to teach eco-friendly habits to the next generation,” said Mike Sullivan, founder and President of LAcarGUY.

The Trash-Free Lunch Challenge has diverted as many as 40,000 bags of trash from area landfills and saved schools thousands of dollars over two years. “With 24 schools in this year’s program, we expect to see nearly 30,000 more bags of trash diverted from the new schools alone,” said Lisa Coppedge, Grades of Green’s Director of Programs. “But what’s more important is that an additional 17,500 students will learn how to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost–new habits that will protect the environment in the years to come.”

The competition gets underway October 2, when representatives from each school will attend a training session and tour of the Sanitation Districts’ Puente Hills Landfill and Materials Recovery Facility.

Once the competing schools implement their Trash-Free Lunch programs, Grades of Green selects three finalists through an application process. A panel of environmental experts and other judges will evaluate the implementation and success of the three finalists’ programs. The winning school will receive a Grand Prize of a $1,000 education grant.  The second- and third-place schools will receive $750 and $500, respectively.

Though the deadline has passed to compete in this year’s Trash-Free Lunch Challenge, any school may still initiate a Trash-Free Lunch program.  Complete instructions are available at no cost to schools at www.gradesofgreen.org/initiatives/trash-redux/trash-free-tuesdays.