The 10 Street Strategy Project Was a Major Success

April 29, 2015 lacarguy Hollywood Central Park

As the first real effort to bring the benefits of the Hollywood Central Park to the Hollywood Area, the Los Angeles Beautification Team and the Friends of the Hollywood Central Park teamed up for the 10 Street Strategy Project. The goal of the project was to plant a total of 540 trees over an expanse of 10 different streets adjacent to the proposed site of Hollywood Central Park. That project was a complete success and every one of the 540 trees has been planted thanks to the determination of Sharyn Romano – the head of the LA Beautification Team, and all the effort put in by the two organizations.

10 street strategy

Hard work helped them land a grant to cover the cost of the trees from Caltrans, and now local Hollywood citizens can start to see the benefits of nature being brought into the city and a thick urban forest will slowly sprout up and grow over the years.

Benefits of Urban Forests

There are numerous benefits to Urban Forests and together they make a strong case for taking the time to plant as many trees as possible. The brand new forest will help filter air and water. It will offer shelter to animals and give the locals a recreational area to get in touch with nature. Not only do the trees make the local environment more beautiful, but they also help moderate the weather a bit better as well. They offer shade that will help with cooling on hot days and reduce the number of unhealthy ozone days that major cities deal with in the summer. They also help break up wind and help create a more moderate environment for everyone to enjoy.

Enjoy Cleaner Air

Trees help take pollution out of the air and sequester carbon to keep it out of the atmosphere. They lower temperatures and emissions in parking lots while also intercepting harmful particulate matter that would be floating around in the air and breathed in throughout the day otherwise.

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