The Volkswagen Hybrid Tiguan Concept is Awesome

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Anyone hoping that Volkswagen would release additional hybrid vehicles will be excited to hear about the Tiguan GTE Active Concept. It’s a rugged hybrid SUV that comes packed with two electric motors to give it all-wheel drive and enable it to handle some pretty rough driving environments. Of course the vehicle comes packed with some additional off-roading goodies and it’s really well-optimized for a range of driving conditions. Hopefully the concept vehicle will make it past the initial planning stages and actually go to production because it does a lot of things right.

tiguan active concept

Six Drive Modes

The Tiguan GTE comes with six different selectable drive modes helping you manage the electric features and take on different road conditions. The car comes with Charge and Hold for controlling battery life. Charge mode utilizes the gasoline engine to charge up the battery and hold maintains the battery at its current level.

The vehicle also comes with On-Road, Off-Road, Sport and Snow modes. These adjust how traction control operates and how the vehicle handles different driving conditions.

Running on Electric

This Tiguan can drive for up to 20 miles on a single charge. Every trip begins on battery power with the rear wheels activated, but all-wheel drive can be initiated whenever you like, or it will come on automatically as needed.

Designed for Rugged Power

The Tiguan isn’t a racing SUV by any means, but it packs enough power to get around capably. For plain fuel power it has a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that puts out a total of 148 HP and 184 lb.-ft. of torque. That alone wouldn’t be much power in the Tiguan, but when you add in the electric motors that deliver additional power to the front and back of the vehicle you get a total of 222 HP and that’s a bit better. The added power comes from two electric motors and it’s all channeled through a six speed clutch. The vehicle’s designed to get moving efficiently and to offer excellent handling.

Enhanced Off Roading

The Tiguan isn’t built to go up mountains or anything crazy, but it was given a set of modifications to handle off-roading a bit more capably. Ground clearance is improved to 8.9 inches. It also comes with a set of off-roading tires and has skid plates front and back that you can replace if they ever become too damaged. Overall it’s a pretty capable package that you can take off standard roads without fear.

Enhanced Multimedia

Of course the hybrid SUV comes packed with a modern infotainment system that has gesture controls and other cool goodies. If you value technology you’ll love the new media system that comes within the SUV. It has improved app connectivity and is designed for simple use.

Overall it’s a pretty awesome SUV that would likely be pretty popular if released by Volkswagen. Only time will tell if the automaker decides to go any further with the technology though.

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