Toyota’s Hybrid Dominance Continues

August 12, 2013 lacarguy Green Articles,, Toyota 0 Comments

by Zach McDonald |

In recent years, the hybrid market has grown from the Toyota Prius and a handful of other offerings to nearly fifty unique models spread across more than a dozen different nameplates. Hybrids have gone from being a blip on the radar to a significant piece of nearly every automaker’s strategy for improving the fuel economy across its lineup. Still, with more carmakers tossing evermore hats into the gas-electric ring each year, Toyota has kept hold of its early dominance both nationally and in the key green car bastion of California.


Recently, the carmaker sought to remind us of this via a press release trumpeting the company’s continued success in the California market. Through the first half of the year, Toyota announced it had maintained a 61-percent market share in the Golden State, with the Prius representing half of all hybrid sales in California.

“The hybrid industry has become competitive, but our wide-range of hybrid vehicles continue to deliver high value and strong attributes to both new and loyal customers,” said Bill Fay, vice president of Toyota Motor Sales, USA, in the release.

Though California’s robust green vehicle market still represents the most vital region in the U.S. hybrid and electric vehicle game, Toyota’s performance nationally has been even more impressive this year. According to, Toyota hybrids account for 70 percent of nationwide hybrid sales through July, up from 67% for all of 2012, when hybrids made up roughly 3.5 percent of the total vehicle market.

According to Toyota more than 90 percent of the nearly 1.5 million hybrids it has sold in the U.S. (spread across 7 different models including the Prius line) are still on the road. The company says it remains on schedule with plans to expand to 18 new or remade hybrid models by 2015.

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