Volkswagen Demonstrates its Strong Commitment to Electric Vehicles

January 25, 2016 lacarguy Volkswagen Tags: , , , , ,

Volkswagen recently made it known that it’s going to be focusing on electric car technology more often. While I wouldn’t expect a mass explosion of EVs from the VW headquarters anytime soon, the company did make a commitment to producing up to 20 hybrids/EVs by 2020, set up an electric vehicle subdivision within the country and decided to actually release the electric microbus that received so much publicity after being shown off at CES.

budd e vw concept

The Electric Vehicle Subdivision

Volkswagen put together a subdivision of the company designed specifically to further electric vehicle production. This smaller subset of the massive corporation is designed to be more agile. It can make changes faster and hopefully lead to more revolutionary electric vehicles in general.

When the division was created Volkswagen focused on a commitment of releasing 20 different hybrid vehicles and EV’s by 2020. That’s a major undertaking and a massive investment in batteries, electric motors and electric vehicle architecture. The commitment says that Volkswagen is committed to producing electric vehicles and sees value in it later on down the road.

The Electric Micro Bus

At the Consumer Electronics Show this year Volkswagen showed off the Budd-e concept. It’s a full-electric micro-bus very similar to the older microbus Volkswagen sold that surfers are known for being so fond of. This concept comes along with some pretty cool features, the first of which is a 200 to 300 mile full-electric range. The second is an 80% recharge time of just 15 minutes. That means you could travel farther with less difficulty without relying on fossil fuels.

The coolest part of that little futuristic van, bus, or whatever you want to call it, is that Volkswagen is actually going to make it and sell it. Unlike most crazy concept vehicles, Volkswagen is actually backing up its product. It will be sold to the general public and the automaker plans to release it by 2020.

In a time when many automakers are doing everything they can to keep up with government regulations without relying on hybrids and full electric vehicles, it’s refreshing to see a company embracing electric vehicles so fully, and Volkswagen could be one of the leaders in electric vehicle technology by 2020 with its current pace.

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