Volkswagen Released Pricing Information for the 2015 E-Golf

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Volkswagen recently announced the release price and date of the e-Golf electric hatchback vehicle. It’s set to go on sale in November and the SEL premium model will be sold at around 35,000 not including the destination fee. This price point is relatively affordable for such a capable electric vehicle that produces no tailpipe emissions but the even more remarkable thing is that VW went to the trouble of buying a carbon emission offset from 3Degrees for each of the vehicles produced to help the environment.


Capable and Spacious

The e-Golf is comfortable on the inside and offers the most interior space of any compact electric vehicle with a whopping 93.5 cubic feet of space for up to five passengers. The rear of the vehicle offers 22.8 cubic feet of storage space unless the seat is folded down and then the number goes up to 52.7 cubic feet in total space.


The e-Golf is capable of achieving a range of over 100 miles when driven carefully but automakers state that it averages between 70 and 90 miles on a single charge. The 199 lb.-ft. torque provided by the engine offers plenty of power for quick acceleration and enjoyable driving. A rapid charging system makes it possible to recharge the battery up to 80 percent full in just 30 minutes making a series of short trips in the car much more convenient than in other electric vehicles. This compact car is built on the same MQB architecture as the rest of the Golf lineup, giving it a sporty feel and agile handling. The e-Golf is also the first VW vehicle to offer complete LED headlights in the US, giving it a higher level of visibility while consuming less power.


Tech Features

Equipped with satellite radio, Bluetooth technology and an advanced media system with a remote app, the e-Golf is certainly a well-connected vehicle. It offers all the features that you would expect in the latest luxury sedans and that makes the driving experience all the more enjoyable. Dual-zone automatic climate control keeps the vehicle at an ideal temperature, and three different driving modes help you adjust how much energy you burn through while travelling. Heatable seats and keyless entry add further conveniences to the vehicle and a rearview camera and Park Distance Control make driving more convenient.

The Carbon Offset

Volkswagen worked with 3Degrees to offset all of the CO2 emissions created during the production and distributions of the vehicles as well as for charging the vehicles during the first 36,000 miles of operation. This helps lay the argument of whether electric vehicles are actually useful for reducing CO2 emissions to rest. With the offset purchased the e-Golf is clearly the superior choice for the health of the environment.

This latest release will bring more usable all-electric vehicles to the masses in a fun little platform. No information has been released about lower trim packages if there are going to be any, but the e-Golf SEL looks like a lot of fun to drive around.

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