Volkswagen Working to Find the Best Battery Tech for its EVs

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Volkswagen is all about electric vehicles lately, but all the automakers major plans for the future hinge on top-level battery technology. Without a high quality battery the EVs simply won’t drive far enough or fast enough to be worthwhile. That’s why Volkswagen is putting in the time and effort to locate the very best battery tech available, and to making sure that it’s leveraging this technology as much as possible. The automaker is hard at work with many battery developers looking for the latest advancements and the technology that is going to make its electric vehicles stand out.


Creating the Perfect Battery Module

Volkswagen has quite the problem on its hands, but once it’s solved, the automaker will be able to produce small and large EVs using the same exact battery technology. Essentially Volkswagen is looking for a way to create lightweight batteries that produce ample power and run efficiently in any configuration they’re needed in. In other words, whether the space available is cylindrical, square or any other odd shape, Volkswagen will be able to fill it up with efficient batteries to do the job properly. This is the goal of all Volkswagen’s careful engineering meetings, and it’s something that the automaker is working hard at to achieve, but something that hasn’t been accomplished yet.

Developing More Potent Battery Cells

Volkswagen isn’t just working on coming up with the perfect packaging or setup for its battery cells, it’s also working hard on coming up with new more potent cells to use in its vehicles. The automaker is partnered with a bunch of different electronics companies that are all hard at work developing the latest battery technologies. By working with so many different companies, Volkswagen is hopeful that some major breakthroughs will come along in the next year or two to create much more capable batteries for its vehicles. There is a 60 amp-hour cell that’s currently being tested, which would offer dramatic improvements over the 37 amp-hour version that Volkswagen is currently¬†waiting to go into production. Even the 37 amp-hour cells offer enough power to allow the Budd-E concept to travel more than 200 miles on a single charge. It will be very exciting to see what the 60 amp-hour cells are able to achieve.

Working with All Cell Shapes

In order to achieve the best level of performance out of its batteries, Volkswagen is working with pouch shaped, prismatic shaped and cylindrical shaped batteries in order to find what works the absolute best. Many automakers are simply choosing one technology and sticking with it. That’s the strategy of massive EV maker Tesla, but it might not be the right way to go, at least not in this crucial period of development. By not committing to any one cell toplogy, Volkswagen might be able to get better performance improvements out of the one that it finally decides to go with, or the automaker could take advantage of advancements that haven’t come along just yet.





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